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WARNING: The following post contains spoilers.

In the wake of the tragic death of actor Cory Monteith (who’s sudden death in July was determined as a result of drug/alcohol use), Glee will be airing a tribute episode to his character, high-school quaterback-turned-Glee-singer Finn Hudson on October 10th on FOX.

While keeping most details under-wraps for a number of months, spoilers have come to light on how the show will deal with losing a main character, the songs used in the episode as well as how Monteith’s on/offscreen girlfriend Lea Michele’s character Rachel Berry will handle the sudden loss of her true love.

An official FOX television synopsis of episode 5×03 reads the following:

In the wake of Finn’s sudden death, former members of New Directions return to McKinley to remember their fallen friend. While a stoic Mr. Schue encourages all the gleeks to “memorialize him the way we do everything – by singing about it,” some of the kids find the exercise more cathartic than others. At the Hudson-Hummel home, Kurt, Burt and Carole sort through Finn’s belongings and what begins as a somber occasion blossoms into a poignant and much needed family moment. Meanwhile, Emma grows concerned when she believes Will is so busy taking care of others that he’s not allowing himself time to grieve; Santana struggles with using her “bitch” mask to hide her fond feelings for Finn, and has a run in with Bree, McKinley’s “New Santana”; and following a heart-to-heart with Coach Beiste, Puck honors Finn’s memory by making a life-changing decision about his future.

It seems to me that this episode will touch on real human responses to grief and perhaps touch on ways young people can deal with their grief through music, counselling and other coping mechanisms. This is something I was wondering about and I find it reassuring that fans all over the world will see characters feeling the same grief/shock/loss that they might have experienced in the wake of Monteith’s death.

Songs used in this episode have also slowly been making their way into the media, although nothing has been confirmed by FOX or any Glee cast members as of yet.


  • “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor
  • “Seasons of Love” from Rent 
  • “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry will be sung by Santana
  • “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders will be sung by Mercedes
  • Rachel will sing “To Make You Feel My Love
  • The cast will sing “throwback tunes” sung by Finn in previous episodes.

My hopes for this episode are only that nothing seems cheesy or forced for the cast who will no doubt be acting out their real emotions on screen after losing their fellow cast member/friend. I hope the episode tries to bring a positive spin on the tragedy which struck but will also touch on a way for young people who might be dealing with similar issues to get help.

Something I’ve also thought would be to set future episodes of Glee in a few month’s time after Finn’s passing to help pick up the energy again after such sad subject matter. Otherwise there will be a dark cloud hanging over the rest of season 5 with characters either not dealing with their grief in a realistic way (unless Ryan Murphy’s plan is to go down that road of sadness for a few more episodes to come). I think showing there has been some progress through the many stages of grief for Rachel and other characters would be a great way to move the show back into it’s comic format.

Glee is watched by millions of teenagers and I hope this episode will give them some kind of closure and hope for future episodes of the show without Cory.

Tune into FOX on the 9th October to view what will likely be a memorable and emotional farewell to the character of Finn and the real life teen icon Cory.

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